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Forecast: Increasing clouds and cooler. Precipitation possible within 6 hours Windy with possible wind shift to the W, NW, or N.

Sunrise = 7:46a
Sunset = 4:38p
Moon = First Quarter
(Station time= 7:58a on 12/16/18)
(since midnight)
(since midnight)
Temperature Outside Temeprature 57.8°F 54.6°F at 4:01a 60.7°F at 7:31a
Humidity Outside Temeprature 72% 63% at 7:31a 82% at 4:01a
Dewpoint Outside Temeprature 48.8°F 47.0°F at 12:02a 51.0°F at 4:58a
Wind Outside Temeprature SSW at 4.0 mph   32.0 mph at 7:19a
Barometer Outside Temeprature 29.618 in & Falling Slowly    
Today's Rain Outside Temeprature 0.09 in    
Wind Chill Outside Temeprature 57.4°F 49.0°F at 4:22a  
Heat Index Outside Temeprature 57.1°F   60.0°F at 7:27a
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